Shibata Toshitaka & ERYCA

Welcome to the Butterfly Effect.


Tonight, you will be in the world of Fire, Water, Plants, Wind and Earth.

It’s the world of five elements.

It’s the world in which the elements connect.

It’s the world in which we, the human beings, are included.


The world has something which is everlasting and will always be there.

The world has something which is changeable and always tries to make a change.

They coexist in the world.


Tonight, you will become a character in a story of the world.

It means you will look at everything from various perspectives.

  On the earth.

  In the space.

  As each of the elements…


When you become a part of the story, what emerges in front of you is just a LIFE.


One is all.

All is one.


Fire, Water, Plants, Wind and Earth.


The Butterfly Effect means that the flap of a butterfly’s wing can cause a huge tornado in a faraway place.


Toshitaka Shibata (Piano and Keyboards) and ERYCA (Saxophone and Vocals) started their collaborating in January, 2015. They named their musical project “Butterfly Effect”.

Through their concert tour “Butterfly Effect”, their unique concept of music expanded and the tour received good reviews from the Japanese press and critics for their unique musical approach.

On November 20th, 2016, the tour final was held at Oshu City Cultural Hall in Iwate, Japan and featured both their music and traditional iron work artifacts designed by ERYCA. Fans came from all over Japan for this event. This is considered the day when the “new world” of the Butterfly Effect started.

The Butterfly Effect is a musical project which aims to feature the principle of duality (yin and yang, the law of nature) and which to feature concepts which people easily forget in their daily lives.